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What you need to know about London?

What’s your holiday wish, this New Year? What if you plan to spend your next few days in foreign land? Is it awesome trip to London? You expect professionalism and generosity in all service, whether it’s about hospitality or transport service. Booking a holiday package, flight bookings and hotel for the trip are on top priority but apart from this, you need to know few things before visiting London. Let’s jot down few points if you are travelling this land for the first time.


A summer in London is a great opportunity for major sightseeing and outdoor festivals. If you are fond of horse racing or tennis, this warm temperature is awesome to experience, though thunderstorms might bother you. Expect hotels to be fully packed during this time of season. First three months of the year (January, February and March) prices for hotel accommodations and theatres are at lowest so you could plan Valentine celebration with your beloved in London. End of September or October month is pleasant for visit, weather remains mild, and evenings only require light winter wear. Winters are breathtaking so you may get dampen with rain throughout the season but best time for tourists.


First time travel to London needs apt information about modes of transport and how to access them easily. If you plan to arrive in London, you will depart at Gatwick or Heathrow and there you could book transfers from Heathrow to Gatwick airport or vice versa. If you prefer public transport, you could easily find buses to commute in the city but for convenience and comfort, you might want to book a taxicab. Make booking prior to arrival at the destination. For sightseeing or visit to tourist attractions, tube stations or double- decker buses are available.


Foodies are crazy about exploring new tastes so if you are amongst them and would love to taste exotic delicacies, you are right in place. London is famous for its restaurant and large pubs. Chesses like Stilton, double Glouchester and cheddar are UK’s best food. Hearty stews and soup like Mulligatawny are high in demand at restaurants. Watercress sandwiches, stuffed potatoes, clotted cream served with scones, mash paired with bangers are youngster’s choice. Bubble and Squeak is best cuisine to dine in London houses. Don’t worry if you are liquor lover, beer is served warm in pubs here. For budget conscious tourist, there are hell lot of Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisines, so you will find everything to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.


Unlike like any other nation, if you dine in London, make sure your napkin is placed on lap not tucked in neck. English people love to behave and act differently than others, so are their dining habits. If you don’t want to sound stupid or as a tourist, be prepared in advance about the place. British are quite punctual and hate delays so unless it’s very serious, avoid being late in diner parties or functions. It’s in their norm to arrive at time and seldom will they talk to strangers. So before you start conversation with British people, start with a chit chat or just a casual talk.


London is a great place for shoppers, not just casual wear but also attires like party gowns are amongst some of the favourites. Cash is not acceptable in London. You could explore various marts but make sure you carry a shopping cart, easily accessible at shopping enters.


Since you planned a trip to UK, you might have already researched about London currency. It is Great British Pound or Pound sterling. It’s not surprising to note that its one of the third most popular currency for trade.

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