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Packing essentials for trip to London

London is an exotic tourist destination, well liked by everyone. Unlike any other foreign nation, packing for London is an easy task. London is a metropolitan busy city, where you find anything you would love to shop, so need not carry unnecessarily heavy luggage. However, to live a cozy life and save money, keep few things along so you don’t miss them in need. Also, Cab from Manchester airport to London cost is budget friendly so once you arrive in London, book it and enjoy your ride to city.


Weather in London is pretty awesome but totally unpredictable. You may experience 2-3 seasons in a single day. In the morning, when you step outside wearing a nice shirt dress you might feel happy but at the end of the day, weather may changed drastically. You may have to face rain showers or cold breeze. So be ready to experience Hollywood style weather and feel the breeze with lots of love and joy.

Travel Adapter

Frequent travellers are habitual of carrying adapters and camera but first time visitors might forget or miss out important essential to carry in their luggage. If you are fond of photography, it is must to bring travel adapter for its charging after all you don’t want to miss any moment while enjoying in UK. And more important, buy an adapter that fits into UK’s plug points as in British, you might struggle to find apt charging pint for your electronic devices like phone, iPod, laptop and camera.


London is known for its unpredictable weather, rain showers and cold breeze. Rain is constantly happening in London. Every day, it might rain so better to carry an umbrella to be safe. Though you can buy beautifully style French umbrellas here in UK but if you want to save money in spending on these petty things, umbrella is top in list of essentials while travelling to London. If still you miss any essential, take a personal vehicle. Cab from Manchester airport to London cost you less so book it for your commute.

Nice footwear

You might not be habitual of walking too much on raids but in London, is a casual task. Everyone could be seen walking on feet or riding a bicycle, so better to carry a nice pair of walking shoes from a good brand. Invest some money in purchasing nice footwear for different occasions to enjoy your trip here. And to be noted really cool and comfortable footwear as kilometres of walk might bother you so keep you feet happy walking in cozy shoes.

Hats, Scarf and Gloves

Travelling during winters is fun but chilly winds might make you sick. Carrying scarf and gloves is good option to keep warm and cozy when you enjoy walking in streets of London. If you are on Honeymoon, you don’t want to spoil your vacation, nice scarf matching to attires as well as gloves for you and your beloved is wonderful idea. If planning to travel during autumn, hats should be on top of essential list. Still if you are travelling in mild weather, nights could feel cold and you might need a light scarf or jacket.

Map of London

Some people have habit of keeping themselves well equipped with all essentials like winter clothes, hats, scarves, medicines and other essentials. But that the case of frequent travellers. But if you are planning here for first time or a short trip, still you need to pack a map if London, a list of top tourist attractions - museums, ports and shopping centres. In case you need to reach any destination, prefer to book a taxi. Cab from Manchester airport to London cost fairly economical and you can easily commute to your hotel or any tourist spot.

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