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Sightseeing Tour in London

Sightseeing in London is fun and exciting especially if you have planned a vacation for a week or two. There are so many exotic and historic places to visit that have special significance in terms of London’s rich culture and heritage. Monuments, museums and ports display real beauty of a nation and shows how important is to preserve them for generations and uplift to an international tourism. London offers so many free attractions and inspirational itineraries for specialized guided tours, family tours, child excursion and amazing places for honeymoon couples to enjoy and relax. London city to Heathrow airport cabs are there to take to your destination in the UK.

Child Tours

Warner Bros Studio -Amazing opportunity for fans of Harry Potter series in London! Be ready to get stunned by behind-the-scenes sets of authentic film. You will find exhibits of sets, costumes and everything from the shooting studio of series of Harry Potter. Take London city to Heathrow airport cabs for your transfer from airport to hotel and vice versa. Bring your kids, nephews, niece for ultimate fun and you will be rejoiced at your return from city.

Tower Bridge- In the series of the Order of the Phoenix, remember how Harry Potter and Thames flies over this bridge on his broomstick. Live the moments of the film series when you arrive here.

British library- Celebrate the history of mesmerizing magic spelled by the 20 years of Harry Potter at the British library. You could see rare manuscripts along with captivating medieval volumes and get ready to discover inspirational tales of J.K Rowling, folklore which create the wizarding world of Howling. London city to Heathrow airport cabs will take you directly to your destination, if you wish to go on sightseeing.

Apart from experiencing the amazing studio where Potter’s life was filmed, there are few things you could explore:

  • Step inside the Great Hall and see and discover it. Most important, wherever you wish to sightseeing in City, ensure you book a taxi cab to pick and drop from your location to destination with ease. Make booking in advance for London city to Heathrow airport cabs service so you never face delays and inconvenience in the peak hours or during peak season.
  • Expect to see cobbles of Alley, wander shop of Ollivanders, Owl emporium and many more.
  • Props used in series Harry Potter along with those used in Harry’ Nimbus 200 and not to forget Hagrid’s motorcycle.
  • Capture the behind scenes effects and imagine how beautifully lively models, animatronics and bringing creatures in movie to originals.
  • Hagrid’s hut, Umbridge’s office, Potion’s classroom, there are so much to see here.

To reach from international airport to your destination, London city to Heathrow airport cabs proves helpful and safe. Chauffeurs are trained to render quality service and make your ride convenient and wonderful.

London city is home to famous landmarks, renowned in the world for their beauty and historic relevance. Take chauffeur tour to some of the magnificent sight scenes across the London city. Not just London Bridge, Big Ben Tower, Buckingham Palace, London is also known for dazzling lights and mesmerizing nightlife and Piccadilly Circus. If you love to go sightseeing directly, London City to Heathrow cabs is ideal for your transfer from international airport to your destination. Chauffeurs are trained to render quality and safe service so you feel ease and convenience at your ride to the beautiful London. We have a big fleet of luxury cars to suit individual traveller’s needs. Pick from Limousine to Mini Cooper and see how City looks and explore a new London in a luxury car.

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